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Tiny Moving Parts - Old Maid / Coffee With Tom

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Lossless download available on Bandcamp.

Tiny Moving Parts are a trio from Minnesota, featuring two brothers and a cousin. After paving the way with a groundbreaking debut full-length via Kind Of Like Records, and two new records released through Triple Crown Records under their belt, Tiny Moving Parts are primed to take over the world.

The Old Maid / Coffee With Tom 7" features two tracks recorded just months before "This Couch is Long and Full of Friendship" intended for a split that was never meant to be. But now, the upbeat and melodic songs find themselves on this one-sided 7" with art by the band, and a screen-printed B-side all done by hand, carrying the passion of their true Midwestern roots.

"Sparkling guitar riffs and rough-around-the-edges are par for the course in a genre packed to capacity with bands, but Dylan Mattheisen and Matt Chevalier shout out some harrowing confessionals. The Midwestern emo revival was knocking on the door..." - Property of Zack

Track listing:
1. Old Maid
2. Coffee With Tom

Pressing info:

First pressing: 500 copies w/ screen printed B-side (SOLD OUT)

/200 Black w/ Peacock Blue ink
/200 Ocean Blue w/ Black ink
/100 Crystal Clear w/ Peacock Blue ink
/22 Test Pressings

Second pressing: 500 copies w/ screen printed B-side (SOLD OUT)
/100 Alien Green vinyl w/ Purple Ink
/200 Transparent Orangesicle vinyl w/ White Ink
/200 Chocolate vinyl w/ Orange Ink

Third Pressing: 500 copies w/ screen printed B-side (SOLD OUT)
/150 Barney Purple w/ Green Ink
/350 Big Bird Yellow w/ Blue Ink

Fourth Pressing: 650 copies w/ screen printed B-side housed in a crystal clear sleeve with marketing sticker.
/75 Opaque Blue w/ White Ink (Tour Exclusive) (SOLD OUT)
/150 Coke Bottle Clear w/ White Ink
/425 Opaque Blue w/ Fluorescent Yellow Ink

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