Brighter Arrows - Dreamliner

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Brighter Arrows have expanded upon the foundation the band laid with their previous two releases and have added a dark, post punk/ noise punk element to their sound, which adds more layers to the band's already impressive sound. Brighter Arrows have come a long way in a short period of time and have stepped away from their beginnings as a mid 90's influenced emo punk band. Brighter Arrows has morphed into a full blown indie noise outfit. The songs on Dreamliner cover a broad range of sounds that include post punk, melodic, emo/indie, and almost border on going into shoegaze territory. Overall, Brighter Arrows have created a phenomenal record with Dreamliner. This album makes for a dark, discordant, angular, and at times melodic listen. - The Elementary Revolt

Distro from Black Lake Records (UK).