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Nai Harvest/Playlounge - Split

Hailing from Sheffield and London respectively, and with one album each to their name, Nai Harvest and Playlounge are energetic, fast-rising indie/punk duos. They've toured the UK together, and are now collaborating on 'Flower', a four-song EP pressed on flower-shaped coloured vinyl. Nai Harvest's 'Buttercups' weds dreamy shoegaze guitar to burly, Smashing Pumpkins-y rumbling bass, inspired by an early '90s they're far too young to remember, before Playlounge's 'Hand Clap Cinema' bundles together No Age guitar noise and drawn-out post-rock. Both bands also cover each other: NH clatter brusquely through Playlounge's 'Sweet Tooth' and PL give their chums' 2013 track 'Floor' an extra coat of Dinosaur Jr paint.

Nai Harvest - Buttercups
Nai Harvest - Sweet Tooth (Playlounge cover)
Playlounge - handclap cinema
Playlounge - Floor (Nai Harvest Cover)

Pressing Information

Solid White /150 Sold Out
Solid Blue /350
Solid Orange /500
Solid Pink /500 - Exclusive Distro color

This release is limited to 1000 pieces with three different vinyl colourways via the Dog Knights store. All copies of the record come protected in a thick PVC sleeve w/ flap to keep the vinyl secure. All copies come with a double-sided postcard insert/download card and stickered sleeve.

Distro from Dog Knights Productions.

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