Rainmaker / Øjne - Split EP

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Published by UK’s Dogknight Productions the Split of Rainmaker and Øjne, definitely two sweethearts of European screamo, was highly anticipated.

These new songs are beautiful in every way possible. But, let’s start with some visual impressions first.

The artwork was made by the talented Christian Brix of Reason To Care. On the inside of the foldable sleeve, which is home for the 7’’ colored vinyl, optional in white limited to 150 pieces or clear light blue limited to 350 pieces, you can see a great burning tree habiting a treehouse. 

Just like the artwork, the inner values of this beauty are flawless. In almost 10 minutes playtime the Swedish / Italian liaison unites everything, you could ever wish from a record like this.

Following their celebrated debut full-length, this is the third release of Rainmaker from the suburbs of Malmö and the new song called “Le Poids Des Ombres“ connects easily in respect of sound and quality. The interaction between every single instrument creates a melody full of hope, still supporting the angriness of the spoken vocals. Flattered by the melody, the yet melodious vocals, mainly declaimed in French sounds like a beautiful song by its own. This effect is supported by chorusing voices in the back, which come in from time to time. Over the last third, the song contains some tempo alternations, garnished with a temporary change to English vocals.

Straight away the first tones of the new Øjne song made my heart leap of joy. It felt like a flashback to last year’s summer, where I had the chance to see them at three concerts during their tour, including Fluff Fest.

The band from Milan creates a dreamy soundscape, characterized by twinkly guitars and towards the end you can even hear some mighty post-rock influences. Carried by those sweet melodies, the vocals of “Da Qualche Parte, Nel Momento Giusto” are distraught and mesmerizing, letting the listener feel the desperation and pain.

Maybe in 10 years‘ time we will look back to this release and realize that those two bands have become something to us, that RAEIN and Suis La Lune are to us today. That’s how brilliant I think it is. - Form und Leere.

Distro from Dog Knights Productions.

Pressing Information

This record is limited to 500. All copies come packaged in deluxe 3-panel fold over die-cut covers, with full colour lyric cards and a digital download code

White /150
Clear Light Blue /350