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Playlounge / Doe / Johnny Foreigner / Doctrines - 4-Way Split

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Sometimes it’s fun to collaborate, and when mutual pals Darren (from Dog Knights Productions) and Jack (Alcopop! Records) decided a split 12” was the way forward – there was never any question on who to ask to be part of it. Forming a loose natural group of friends and acquaintances with a mutual respect of each other’s musical output, 4 bands hit the studio and came back with something rather special.


Doe - No Wonder
Doctrines - Melt
Johnny Foreigner - All Yr Favourite Bands Are Dead
playlounge - dukowski
Johnny Foreigner - Flooding
playlounge - a-ok
Doctrines - Second City
Doe - This Isn't Home

Pressing Information

This record is limited to 500. All copies come with a digital download code.

Solid Orange /250 (Dog Knights)
Transparent Yellow /250 (Alcopop!)


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