Dowsing/Ratboys - Split

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Dowsing and Ratboys share a bandmate, city, and simplicity in their respective indie rock crafts that makes their new split E.P. an especially enjoyable union. Dowsing inaugurates this exhibition of Chicagoan alt-pop with a thematic pair of anthems, “Hold” and “Pass”. With emotional punk lineage conjuring comparison to Alkaline Trio and the Weakerthans, the band offers searingly simple pop-punk that keeps the listener in a tense security, swaying and relating with vocalist Erik Czaja’s rasping exhortations. On the B side, Ratboys’ post-country indie rock, once again, achieves an escape velocity from comparisons to peers Pinegrove and masterfully conveys the listener into a contemplative tranquility. Saccharine countryisms and crackling rock hooks fragrantly carmelize into an indie pop integrity that connects to Wilco and the Breeders but stands confidently apart for Julia Steiner’s dulcet vocal performance.

Distro from Community Records.